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Watergarden Paradise Aquatic Nursery - Sydney, Australia

Product Quantity Price Amount
Hydrotriche hottoniiflora Delete12.50 12.50
Echinodorus quadricostatus Delete12.50 12.50
Vallisneria asiatica Delete8.00 8.00
Waterlily Planting Container 30cm Delete15.00 15.00
Round Black Squat Pot 20cm Delete3.00 3.00
Ubbink Wide-Kidney planting basket Delete17.50 17.50
Small Round planting basket 14cm Delete8.00 8.00
Finofil Round Lily planting basket 23.5cm Delete12.50 12.50
Finofil Medium Square planting basket 24cm Delete13.00 13.00
Finofil Contour planting basket 47cm Delete18.00 18.00
Slow Release Aquatic Plant Fertiliser (10 brown tablets pack) Delete11.00 11.00
Nymphaea - Sunset-Bi-Colour Hardy Waterlily (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete18.50 18.50
Nymphaea - Hardy Waterlily Collection (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete90.00 90.00
Nymphaea - Red-Crimson Hardy Waterlily (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete19.50 19.50
Canna glauca cv. Endeavor Delete15.00 15.00
Canna glauca cv. Erebus Delete14.00 14.00
Canna glauca cv. Ra Delete16.50 16.50
Slow Release Aquatic Plant Fertiliser (20 brown tablets pack) Delete17.50 17.50
Slow Release Aquatic Plant Fertiliser (5 brown tablets pack) Delete6.00 6.00
Aquatic Plant Fertiliser (20 green tablets pack) Delete17.50 17.50
Azolla pinnata Delete7.00 7.00
Ceratophyllum demersum Delete8.50 8.50
Utricularia gibba ssp. exoleta Delete9.50 9.50
Pond Gloves (Unisex) Delete55.00 55.00
Beth Chatto Damp Garden (ISBN 9781844030453) Hardcover Delete80.00 80.00
Cyperus gymnocaulos Delete9.50 9.50
Nymphoides indica Delete12.50 12.50
Azolla filiculoides Delete9.50 9.50
Spirodela polyrhiza Delete15.00 15.00
Azolla filiculoides Delete9.50 9.50
Limnophila aromatica Delete7.50 7.50
Signature on Delivery plus Extra Cover (up to $100) - Optional Extra Delete4.60 4.60
Nymphaea Sunrise (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete32.00 32.00
Nymphaea Queen of the Whites (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete19.25 19.25
Nymphaea Mangkala Ubol (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete28.00 28.00
Nymphaea Tuberosa Maxima (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete24.00 24.00
Nymphaea Hollandia (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete19.25 19.25
Nymphaea Meteor (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete22.00 22.00
Nymphaea Karleen Harder (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete22.00 22.00
Nymphaea odorata William B. Shaw (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete21.00 21.00
Nymphaea Wanvisa (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete20.25 20.25
Nymphaea Canon M.C. Newth OBE (NEW RELEASE) Delete180.00 180.00
Slow Release Aquatic Plant Fertiliser (10 brown tablets pack) Delete9.50 9.50
Nymphaea Mary Edna Gore (NEW RELEASE) Delete125.00 125.00
Nymphaea Denver Delete125.00 125.00
Nymphaea Greggs Orange Beauty Delete150.00 150.00
Nymphaea Highlight (NEW RELEASE) Delete165.00 165.00
Nymphaea Miami Rose (Tropical Waterlily) Delete45.00 45.00
Nymphaea Elegant Pink (NEW RELEASE) Delete125.00 125.00
Iris cv. White Heaven (Louisiana iris) Delete15.00 15.00
Iris cv. Clown About (Louisiana Iris) Delete35.00 35.00
Iris cv. Very Vein (NEW RELEASE) Delete55.00 55.00
Iris cv. Full Eclipse (Louisiana iris) Delete16.50 16.50
Iris cv. Big Easy (Louisiana iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Good Doctor (Louisiana iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Southerner (Louisiana iris) Delete20.00 20.00
Iris cv. Pink Poetry (Louisiana Iris) Delete35.00 35.00
Iris cv. Colorific (Louisiana Iris) Delete15.00 15.00
Iris cv. Margaret Hunter (Louisiana Iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Clyde Redmond (Louisiana iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Koorawatha (Louisiana iris) Delete15.00 15.00
Iris cv. Delta Twilight (Louisiana iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Mrs. Ira Nelson (Louisiana Iris) Delete12.50 12.50
Iris cv. Splitter Splatter (Louisiana iris) Delete27.50 27.50
Iris cv. Fait Accompli (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete11.55 11.55
Iris fulva (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete10.00 10.00
Nymphaea lotus (Nightblooming Tropical Waterlily) Delete25.00 25.00
Nymphaea Florida Sunset (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete28.00 28.00
Nymphaea Sunshine (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete19.25 19.25
Nymphaea Greggs Orange Beauty (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete120.00 120.00
Marsilea crenata Delete18.00 18.00
Juncus ingens Delete9.50 9.50
Cyperus exaltatus Delete12.50 12.50

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