Watergarden Paradise

Watergarden Paradise Aquatic Nursery - Sydney, Australia

Product Quantity Price Amount
Marsilea mutica Delete12.00 12.00
Sagittaria subulata var. subulata (INTERNET SPECIAL) Delete7.60 7.60
Eleocharis acicularis Delete9.50 9.50
Ranunculus inundatus Delete8.50 8.50
Lilaeopsis brisbanica Delete9.50 9.50
Samolus parviflorus Delete7.50 7.50
Micranthemum umbrosum Delete9.50 9.50
Hydrilla verticillata Delete7.50 7.50
Glossostigma elatinoides Delete12.50 12.50
Rotala rotundifolia (4 Bunches Pack Special) Delete15.60 15.60
Marsilea hirsuta Delete12.50 12.50
Ceratophyllum demersum Delete8.50 8.50
Echinodorus quadricostatus Delete12.50 12.50
Ludwigia brevipes Delete9.50 9.50
Hemianthus micranthemoides (Internet Special) Delete6.65 6.65
Nuphar japonica Delete55.00 55.00
Bacopa amplexicaulis Delete8.50 8.50
Ludwigia palustris Delete7.00 7.00
Limnophila aquatica Delete7.50 7.50
Ludwigia arcuata Delete8.50 8.50
Mayaca fluviatilis Delete6.50 6.50
Saururus cernuus Delete8.50 8.50
Iris spp. - Pot Luck Water Iris (Internet Special) Delete7.50 7.50
Sagittaria latifolia Delete12.50 12.50
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum Delete5.00 5.00
Houttuynia cordata var. Flore Pleno Delete16.50 16.50
Pontederia cordata var. Alba Delete16.50 16.50
Aponogeton distachyos Delete16.50 16.50
Colocasia esculenta Delete8.50 8.50
Houttuynia cordata Delete12.50 12.50
Persicaria odorata Delete6.00 6.00
Oenanthe javanica cv. Flamingo Delete7.00 7.00
Pontederia cordata Delete15.00 15.00
Eleocharis dulcis Delete9.00 9.00
Centella asiatica Delete7.50 7.50
Houttuynia cordata var. Variegata Delete9.50 9.50
RHS Water in a Small Garden (ISBN 9781405315944) Delete35.00 35.00
Persicaria odorata Delete6.00 6.00
Marsilea drummondii Delete9.50 9.50
Rotala rotundifolia (Internet Special) Delete4.55 4.55
Myriophyllum crispatum Delete7.50 7.50
Oenanthe javanica cv. Flamingo Delete7.00 7.00
Crassula helmsii Delete6.50 6.50
Myriophyllum papillosum (5 Bunches Pack Special) Delete19.50 19.50
Micranthemum umbrosum Delete9.50 9.50

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